GMM 2023 - ANTI-FLAG.jpg


Sunday 18 June 19.30 - 20.20

Genre Punkrock
Country United States
Played at GMM 2016 2018

Some of you may not be all that familiar with Anti-Flag but with performances at Pukkelpop, Groezrock and several appearances at GMM under their belt they are no stranger to Belgian stages. These punk rockers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are known for their social, political and anti-war activism, their stance against corporate greed and their advocacy of such organisations as Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Their 2015 album ‘American Spring’ has no shortage of catchy punk rock anthems infused with that typical punk rage and energy. ‘American Spring’ is right up there with their best work and after two decades in the business, their commitment remains solid. ‘20/20 Vision’ (2020) is another prime example of how Anti-Flag have always managed to address depressing topics with an upbeat form of protest.  Their new slab ‘Lies They Tell Our Children’ will come out in 2023. If you’re into catchy punk rock music with a message then this is just the ticket. #GMM23