Saturday 17 June

Genre Progressive
Country United Kingdom

Need a breather amid the unrelenting barrage of heavy music at GMM? That’s the perfect time to tone it down a bit with Antimatter. At the end of the previous millennium long-time Anathema bassist Duncan Patterson teamed up with Michael Moss to explore the universe of ethereal ambient alternative rock. Following the release of their third album, ‘Planetary Confinement’ (2005) Patterson left the project with Moss gravitating towards more electric guitars on subsequent releases. ‘Fear of a Unique Identity’ (2012) blended sonic elements of their previous releases. Head honcho Mick Moss sometimes likes to go it alone with a minimalist acoustic set but for festival appearances he always brings a full-fledged band. While their dark melancholic rock won’t lift your spirits, Mick’s warm voice soothes the soul. Especially recommended for Anathema fans. #GMM23