Asking Alexandria

Friday 16 June 15.45 - 16.35

Genre Metalcore
Country United Kingdom
Played at GMM 2013 2015 2018

What started as a moderately popular screamo band has morphed into a metal band that sells out big arenas worldwide. More than a decade after their inception, Asking Alexandria are at the top of their game: heralded as one of the driving forces behind the technocore scene, these guys are living proof that techno and clean vocals can be combined with razor-sharp riffs and intense breakdowns. They made their GMM debut in 2013 just a few short months after a successful headlining show in Brussels’ Ancienne Belgique. After their second stop in Dessel in 2015, vocalist Danny Worsnop jumped ship to pour all of his energy into his new band We Are Harlot. Two years and one album later, though, Worsnop returned to the fold to record their self-titled 6th album. Their recent work has taken a more rock-oriented approach and their Covid-era outing ‘See What’s on the Inside’ is probably the best record they’ve done so far. #GMM23