• 16-17-18-19 june 2022
  • Dessel, Belgium


Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2016 / 2019




United States


For years, the US have been a breeding ground for successful hardcore and metalcore bands. Beartooth was founded by Caleb Shomo but it wasn’t until his departure from Attack Attack! that he focused entirely on his new band. Their full-length debut ‘Disgusting’ came out in 2014. Apart from the obvious metalcore influences, Beartooth also like to inject their songs with a shot of punk and hardcore, which makes for an exceptionally powerful and explosive cocktail. While Beartooth sounds dirty and raw, the emotions behind the music are genuine and heartfelt, with album closer ‘Sick and Disgusting’ as the prime example. Meanwhile Shomo is all that’s left of the original line-up. On ‘Aggressive’ (2016) the hardcore/punk vibe is even more obvious and the rage that fuelled their debut is back with a vengeance. With earworm melodies and gang chant choruses as the standout feature it’s easy to see why ‘Aggressive’ was so well received. Their latest release ‘Disease’ continues the trek towards mainstream territory while maintaining the punk rock feel and anthemic quality of its predecessor. After their 2018 tour with Architects this is the next step in Beartooth’s ongoing conquest of Europe. (#GMM19)