Billy Talent

Sunday 18 June 22.30 - 23.30

Genre Punkrock
Country Canada
Played at GMM 2010 2018

With monster hits like ‘Fallen Leaves’ and ‘Red Flag’ they can stand the comparison with such acts as Green Day and Rise Against. Although the band name may sound a bit ambitious, it is nonetheless an accurate description of the band members’ skills. Billy Talent wowed the GMM crowd in 2010 and 2018, and in the intervening years they have only grown in stature. The unadulterated punk anger of their early years has gradually made way for more conventional, accessible rock tracks although the band’s core punk traits are never far away. Benjamin Kowalewicz’ signature vocals and the metal-fuelled guitar riffs are still the driving forces behind a band that have won every conceivable award in their home country of Canada. They have just released their sixth full-length, ‘Crisis of Faith’, and they can’t wait for you to join them for one hell of a 30th anniversary celebration. #GMM23