GMM 2023 - CANE HILL.jpg

Cane Hill

Saturday 17 June 13.30 - 14.10

Genre Nu Metal
Country United States

The new generation is arriving, which keeps things interesting for everyone. As young minds explore music history, they soak up influences and give a new interpretation to existing genres. Cane Hill have two albums to their name and they are gearing up to unleash new material onto an unsuspecting world. They used the pandemic to make their impressive sound even more explosive and that makes for even more live fun. After securing a record deal with Rise Records they dropped a self-titled EP, followed by their full length debut ‘Smile’ (2016) and ‘Too Far Gone’ (2018). Reactions were so positive that they were regarded as one of the bands that could spearhead the revival of nu-metal, despite their claims that they weren’t a nu-metal outfit at all and despite the grungy influences on ‘Too Far Gone’. During the Covid interlude they released two EPs with ‘Krewe De La Mort Volume 1’ (2021) and ‘Krewe d’Amour Volume 2’ (2022), their first two releases since parting company with their record label. #GMM23