GMM 2023 - CODE ORANGE.jpg

Code Orange

Saturday 17 June 17.35 - 18.20

Genre Metalcore
Country United States
Played at GMM 2015 2017

Formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh when the band members were still in their mid-teens, this American punk/hardcore band initially self-released their work. Just three years later they were signed by Deathwish, a label with an eye for young and raw heavy music talent. Their full-length debut ‘Love Is Love/Return to Dust’ provided a tantalising taste of things to come; follow-up ‘I Am King’ (2014) really put Code Orange on the map. Their mission is clear: conquering the globe with a brand of hardcore the likes of which the world has never seen. What sets them apart from their peers are the elements from other genres such as punk and sludge that add an extra dimension to their music. Their growing success attracted attention from major labels and in 2017 they were snatched up by Roadrunner. Their third full-length effort ‘Forever’ dropped that same year with the eponymous title track earning them a Grammy nomination. Meanwhile they haven’t been sitting still. In the summer of 2018 they treated us to an excellent EP with ‘The Hurt Will Go On’, with guest vocals by self-proclaimed fan Corey Taylor on ‘The Hunt’. Their drive to innovate and experiment takes centre stage on ‘Underneath’ (2020), which contains some of their most intense, brutal and unsettling work to date. #GMM23