Sunday 18 June 16.10 - 17.00

Genre Industrial
Country Sweden
Played at GMM 2008 2019

Life isn’t fair so the trick is to find the silver lining in all the pain and suffering that surrounds us. Swedish heavy metallers Deathstars have certainly taken this philosophy to heart. Their dark, portentous lyrics, their industrial-flavoured tracks and face paint have endeared them to both the metal and gothic scenes. So far frontman Whiplasher Bernadotte & Co have unleashed four albums and two compilations. Released on an independent label, their 2003 debut ‘Synthetic Generation’ landed them a record deal with Nuclear Blast. They finally broke into the mainstream in their home country of Sweden with their third full-length, ‘Night Electric Night’ (2009). Many consider the album to be the highlight of their catalogue so far. Another landmark came in 2011 when they opened for Rammstein on their ‘Made in Germany’ tour. Throughout their existence new releases have been few and far between simply because they are almost constantly on the road. For instance, they still insist on completing the tour dates from that Covid-stricken year 2020. Gothic fans and headbangers will gladly welcome them for their third stint at our penitentiary facility. #GMM23