Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2017

Death Metal




Fans of technical yet brutal death metal will be pumping their fists in anticipation for this one and who can blame them? Decapitated ranks amongst the main exponents of modern, groovy and polyrhythmic death metal.  Founded in 1996 by three Poles in their early to mid-teens, Decapitated’s debut ‘Winds of Creation’ was credited with re-invigorating a struggling death metal scene. On 2006’s ‘Organic Hallucinosis’, they changed musical directions by focusing on more complex song structures and a polyrhythmic approach. The following year disaster struck when a serious road accident killed drummer and founding member Vitek Kieltyka and paralysed singer Covan Kowanek. Still, the band soldiered on and their latest offering, ‘Blood Mantra’ (2014), recaptures much of the vibe of the tech-death masters’ early work. (#GMM17)