Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




United Kingdom


Two years ago, British crust punk godfathers Discharge celebrated their 40th anniversary. In an era where careers grow shorter with each passing year. They also pioneered a completely new genre called D-beat, which is characterised by a unique drum sound. Over the years lots of thrash and hardcore crept into their music and this versatility is one of the main reasons why Discharge have been able to perpetuate their success all these years. Not all music should be polished to a shine. Discharge have always lived by ‘the dirtier the better’ and their live shows are the personification of this creed. Their most recent full-length ‘End of Days’ is one of the most hard-hitting of their career and evokes the heydays of hardcore with the typical swelling and ebbing riff patterns and an atmosphere reminiscent of a dreary industrial town in the mid-80s. Vintage stuff that shows no signs of ageing! (#GMM19)