Enter Shikari

Sunday 18 June 21.00 - 21.50

Genre Alternative
Country United Kingdom

In 2003 the post-hardcore outfit Hybryd changed its name to Enter Shikari (which translates as ‘enter the hunter’). Rejecting several offers from record labels, they decided to release their 2007 full-length debut ‘Take to the Skies’ on their own label. The album contained many of the songs they’d spent the previous years perfecting. On ‘Common Dreads’ (2009) we see a band that’s developing its own identity with heavier vocals and a more judicious use of synths. Enter Shikari likes to throw its audience the occasional curveball and the post-hardcore, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, alternative metal and electronica cocktail on ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ (2012) does just that. ‘The Spark’ (2017) continues the radio-friendly slant introduced on ‘The Mindsweep’ (2015). Their last outing to date, ‘Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible’ (2020), is their most controversial yet. With their usual total disregard for genre boundaries, they juxtaposed a collection of cuts no other band would ever put on the same record. Three years later than planned we are glad to finally welcome Enter Shikari and if you like a band that attaches great importance to musical agility then you’re in for a treat. #GMM23