18:40 - 19:40 Metal Dome
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2006 / 2016 / 2022


Black Metal




With Enthroned we are pleased to welcome back one of the progenitors of the first wave of black metal in this little country of ours. Enthroned boasts a sizeable and loyal following and the band has spread its tentacles as far as South America. They are still one of the leading black metal bands on the Old Continent and if you’re new to Enthroned, just give  ‘Obsidium’ (2012) and follow-up ‘Sovereigns’ (2014) a spin. Unlike many of their genre peers who have chosen to experiment, Enthroned have stayed the course, remaining true to the ABC of black metal and the dogmas of the genre’s early days. 1997’s ‘The Skullthrone of Satan’ is a popular favourite among Enthroned fans but almost three decades into their career, the likes of ‘Obsidium’ and ‘Sovereigns’ are testament to Enthroned’s enduring relevance and staying power. The feral attack and sadistic splendour of ‘Cold Black Suns’ (2019) reconfirms the band’s stature. Expectations will be high following their triumphant set at GMM2016, a challenge they will undoubtedly relish. (#GMM22)