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The ancient Mediterranean harbour town of Marseille in the south of France is famous as a melting pot of cultures, tastes and people. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Eths rose from the ashes of the remnants of even three local bands: Melting Point, Shockwave and X-Krutia on a fateful day in March 1999.

The core of this new band had originally been shaped in Melting Point, when singer extraordinaire Candice joined the outstanding guitarist-duo Staif and Greg already in the year 1997 in their quest for new and breathtaking ways to fuse metal and hardcore into a heavy amalgam of dark atmospheres and massive force. Do not be deceived by those melancholic brown eyes and the ethereal whispering and singing Candice offers with her sweet clear voice. Do not be fooled by that seeming innocence into believing that the dark haired French is just another angelic voice. You are in for a shock when that red mouth opens to rip deep growls and mean grunts from her throat of steel. It seems hard to believe and there is still some confusion even in the professional press, when writers are asking about the 'male singer'. The answer is always: Candice! Some might still find it not easy to accept, when listening to "Tératologie" as their second full-length is the first to be unleashed outside their native France.

"Tératologie" betrays those long years of experience, which Eths' core-members have shared in writing songs and playing together. Each song represents a strong unit in itself, but together they form the well fitting pieces of an amazing puzzle. Outbursts of energy and sheer force are highlighted as well as contrasted by moments of melancholic tranquillity. In their choice of style, the French have been eclectic right from the start, choosing elements as they fit best and not just for appearance sake. The opening track 'Bulimarexia' for example embodies the virtues of post-Korn modern metal at its best: Through a dense wall of clipped guitar-shredding breaks Candice's fiercely rasping voice, before she seems to mutate into some teenage girl staring with big wide eyes at the mayhem around her. The schizophrenia of her turning back into a venomous creature hissing dark whispers makes the skin crawl. 'NaOCL' is demonstrating another facet of Eths. The song takes off rather sweetly before clawing at the face with the combined effort of complex death metal influences nicely topped by some industrial elements. The singing remains frighteningly harsh, yet for some seconds Candice seems to lure the listener with a playful promise of erotic innocence only to be biting back again at the next moment. A weird electric-country part pops into existence out of nowhere, which exemplifies the bands ingenious talent for the unexpected and special little details. The at least two-sided approach in Candice's vocal expression, if one wants to dwell on the most obvious contrast between white-sweetness and black-growling, is echoed in 'Tératologie'. This title-track delivers a heavy pounding reminiscent of early thrash metal and hardcore, which both drew from the raw attitude and energy of punk. Its massive groove is enhanced by the nasty gurgling and harsh shrieks erupting from Candice's mouth, but seemingly, without any effort she suddenly reveals a little girl inside of her with a crystal clear voice for some melancholic seconds, before those two strands intertwine. Each song on the album tells its own dark and disturbed tale. Eths obviously know how to compose gripping material that will catch an audience on record as well as live � as you would expect from a band that has already performed hundreds of concerts.

If some still need convincing that Eths and Candice can deliver on stage, what they perform in studio, they should just attend one of their many shows. The band is playing nearly every week from big venues in front of thousands to the tiniest of towns, but even there at least 500 enthusiastic followers will show up. In case somebody has never heard of Eths before, the reason is simple: Those are the people not living in France. So far, the group from Marseille has nearly exclusively concentrated on their home country. There was hardly time for them to do anything else, due to the overwhelming success Eths has had ever since their first six-track EP "Samantha" was released in the year 2002. From the start, the EP received praise reviews and as the band embarked on a tour with more than 200 concerts the audiences quickly grew until every night was sold out. Already in 2003, there was impressive media coverage from music magazine to a TV show. Following up this success was the debut-album "Sôma", which catapulted Eths onto the cover of all music press in France and beyond as well as outselling established metal-headliners like Children of Bodom or Cradle of Filth. As "Tératologie" sees the French climbing up to yet another peak, the time has come to reach for new dimensions. Eths are ready to take on the world: Be ready for the leading of the New Wave of French Metal coming to you now!