GMM 2023 - HAKEN.jpg


Thursday 15 June 13.20 - 14.05

Genre Progressive
Country United Kingdom

Prog rock enthusiasts will be over the moon with the announcement of Haken. Formed in 2007 and with seven albums to their credit, we felt it was high time for their maiden GMM appearance. The backbone of the English progressive rock band grew up as friends and the seed for the formation of Haken was planted as early as 2004 but the members wanted to hone their instrumental skills before actually forming a band. After recording a few demos, they were offered a record deal and got to work on their debut ‘Aquarius’ (2010). Over the years Haken developed a drum and bass-heavy style that allowed their brand of prog to evolve beyond its narrow 90s scope. On ‘Vector’ (2018) and ‘Virus’ (2020) – aptly titled in light of the pandemic that erupted just months later – they took a more djent-oriented approach than their previous material but still managed to strike the sweet spot between technically intricate and progressive on the one hand and pop accessibility on the other. They’re bringing their latest album ‘Fauna’ (2023) to GMM so the initiated have new material to look forward to as well. #GMM23