Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Hard Rock


United Kingdom


Founded in 1969, Hawkwind is rightfully seen as one of the founders of and most influential bands on the space rock scene. The British band with singer/guitarist and songwriter Dave Brock as the only remaining founding member has gone through numerous personnel changes and as a result, various influences crept into the spacy compositions including hard rock, psychedelic and progressive rock. In 1972 they scored their biggest hit in the UK with the single ‘Silver Machine’, a true classic featuring one Lemmy Kilmister on bass. Bands and artists like Henry Rollins, Monster Magnet and The Sex Pistols cite Hawkwind as an influence. Despite their respectable age, Brock’s band continues to perform and record new material. ‘Into The Woods’ (2017) and ‘Road to Utopia’ (2018), their 30th and 31st long-players, feature a band that is as quirky, charming and versatile as ever. (#GMM19)