GMM 2023 - HERIOT.jpg


Saturday 17 June 13.20 - 14.05

Genre Hardcore
Country United Kingdom

The UK press have always been quick to shower promising emerging bands with praise and, sure enough, when Heriot emerged four years ago, they were heralded as the next big thing. Hailing from the English town of Swindon, Heriot is a metalcore/sludge band that likes to experiment and combines hardcore punk, industrial, noise and gothic influences into a wall of sound that leaves you gasping for breath. Dissatisfied with the way things were going, Heriot rebooted in 2019/2020, effectively throwing overboard all the material written up till then Heriot is vicious as hell and they always get their man. They are one of a number of GMM first-timers this year that will become a household name in the future. #GMM23