In This Moment

In This Moment
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2007 / 2018




United States


It’s been just over a decade since alternative metallers In This Moment first played Graspop Metal Meeting. Their debut album ‘Beautiful Tragedy’ was well-received and took them on a tour of the European festival stages. Unfortunately the buzz died down pretty quickly, at least here in Europe. The band concentrated on their American home market and featured in the Ozzfest and Mayhem Fest line-ups. Six years later, In This Moment reacquainted Europe with their brand of metalcore. ’Black Widow’ (2014) was their first album on a major label and while Brink’s vocal abilities are still the main focal point, the music as a whole is more accessible and the aggression, though still undeniably present, is reined in when necessary and unleashed when called for. One thing In This Moment are not, is predictable: from their metalcore beginnings and the more alternative approach on subsequent recordings, they gravitated towards an industrial and gothic approach on ‘Black Widow’. ‘Ritual’ (2017) continues down the same path, with an excellent Billy Idol adaptation (‘Black Wedding’) and a versatile Genesis cover (‘In the Air Tonight’) thrown in for good measure. (#GMM18)