Job For A Cowboy

Job For A Cowboy
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United States


 Glendale, AZ extreme metal unit JOB FOR A COWBOY blend stunning musicianship and cutting edge song craft to create the absolute embodiment of modern day extreme music. The fast-rising band, known for their intense songs, explosive live performances and forward thinking vision, will release their highly anticipated full-length debut, entitled GENESIS on May 15 via Metal Blade Records.
JOB FOR A COWBOY formed in December 2003 with vocalist Jonny Davy, (then 16), and guitarists Andrew Arcurio and Ravi Bhadriraju (15 at the time). The band was soon joined by bassist Brent Riggs and drummer Elliott Sellers and the quintet immediately began work on the material that would comprise their debut recording.

As work on new music commenced, JOB FOR A COWBOY began to hone their much talked about live show by playing a consistent string of shows in and around their hometown. The band's jaw-dropping live sets quickly put them on the radar of music fans in a number of different AZ music "scenes".

In the months that would follow, the band’s versatile fan base allowed them to share the stage with everyone from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN to AS I LAY DYING.

In December 2005, JOB FOR A COWBOY released the DOOM EP. The band spent months of preparation in order to record "the most powerful set of songs they could". Consisting of six tracks of the band's punishing hybrid of grindcore and death metal, the EP became a launching pad that would rocket the band to new heights of popularity within the underground music world. Stellar tracks such as "Entombment of Machine", "Knee Deep" and "The Rising Tide" quickly became live favorites and the band stepped up the frequency of their gigs in order to satisfy what had grown into an enormous legion of devoted followers.

After a few lineup shifts, the group's current incarnation of Davy, Bhadriraju, guitarist Bobby Thompson, bassist Brent Riggs and drummer Jon Rice was cast into place. Not satisfied with just playing live in their hometown, JOB FOR A COWBOY relentlessly looked to book gigs outside of Arizona. On their own accord, the band set up live performances on the west coast and in the summer of 2006, played three shows as part of the second annual Sounds of the Underground Tour, where their fast-growing popularity made them one of the top selling merch bands on each tour stop.

Following the Sounds of the Underground dates, JOB FOR A COWBOY departed to the UK for a series of sold out shows where the band found that their quickly-growing buzz was not only limited to the U.S. The UK metal press raved about the band's technical prowess and JFAC's successful tour dates found mention in long-respected publications such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang.

In this day and age of video-sharing hubs and social-networking hotspots such as YouTube and MySpace, JOB FOR A COWBOY’s ascending popularity was sure to find additional like-minded fans and new supporters. And sure enough, it did. On MySpace, the band accrued over 6 million plays and upwards of 130,000 "friends", while the YouTube favorite "Job for a Sponge" – featuring the JFAC song "Knee Deep" as voiced by the affable Spongebob Squarepants and his horde of metal warriors – became an internet sensation that would soon see a number similar tributes (LAMB OF GOD, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, etc.).

JOB FOR A COWBOY would remain on the road during 2006 as part of the "Steers & Beers" Tour (alongside CATTLE DECAPITATION, MISERY INDEX, etc.) and as one of the featured acts of the 2006 "Saints and Sinners Festival", where the band shared the stage with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and UNEARTH among others. With an amazing work ethic, this exceptionally motivated group of young men has managed to build a bigger buzz on their own than most bands that have had the long-term support of a label behind them.

In June of 2006, JOB FOR A COWBOY signed to noted underground metal label Metal Blade Records and prepared to record their debut full length. Recorded at Blue Light Audio Media in Phoenix, AZ with producer Cory Spotts and mixed by the Grammy winning Andy Sneap (OPETH, ENTOMBED, MEGADETH), GENESIS is set to turn the extreme music world on its collective ear. Anticipation for GENESIS is such that the band has already been named one of "Metal's Most Important Troops for 2007" by Metal Hammer, one of Total Guitar's "Hottest Guitar Bands of 2007", one of Alternative Press' 2007 "Bands You Need to Know" and one of Revolver's "Breakthrough Bands that will be Kicking Your Ass this Year".

On the topic of the new album, JOB FOR A COWBOY guitarist Ravi Bhadriraju comments, "Genesis is a record that we as a band needed to fulfill. We wrote an album that we wanted to play live well into the distant future. If there is one word to describe our new record, it is "aggressive". We want this album to have a certain effect on the listener. I am happy with what we have achieved, and I hope our fans appreciate it too."

Vocalist Jonny Davy states, "We wrote the material that became the DOOM EP at a very young age and the sound of this upcoming record is a much different one than anything we've done before. We're anxious for its release and we hope everyone who hears it will enjoy."

Prior to the release of GENESIS, JOB FOR A COWBOY will head to Canada for a slew of Eastern Province dates. The band will follow with a trip to the UK and Europe as direct support to labelmates UNEARTH and U.S. tour dates with both DARKEST HOUR and CANNIBAL CORPSE

"Their name is a lighthearted nod to the ranch-country surroundings of their home base outside of Phoenix, but there's nothing funny about JOB FOR A COWBOY's sound...possessed"

"Arizonan extreme metal phenomenon JFAC toured the globe in 2006 on the back of only 4 online songs...they're great"