Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2009 / 2015 / 2018


Death Metal




Kataklysm’s 1993 EP ‘The Mystical Gate of Recreation’ marked the birth of a new style in metal. By analogy with Fear Factory they called their music ‘northern hyperblast’. Obstinately following their own course, their melodic, thrash-infused brand of death metal quickly attracted scores of extreme metal fans. More than a quarter century and thirteen studio albums later, the music of this prolific Canadian band continues to evolve. With every new release they incorporate subtle style changes that help them stay at the forefront of the death metal scene and Fabrizio Iacono’s intelligible grunts make Kataklysm palatable to a non-death metal audience. In addition to their St. Tabarnak beer - brewed in Belgium, of course! – they’re bringing tracks off the new ‘Meditations’ album to GMM. They used the same writing process as on landmark albums like ‘In the Arms of Devastation’ and ‘Serenity in Fire’ and all of you Kataklysm maniacs know what that means! (#GMM18)