Keep Of Kalessin

Keep Of Kalessin
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




The fury has been building for years, Obsidian C. and his crew, has since the very beginning constantly worked hard, building the band's name brick by brick. From the flame was lit back in the mid nineties, it has taken Keep Of Kalessin over ten years of dedication and hard work to get them where they are today.

Formed back in 1994 under the name of Ildskjaer, the band immediately caught the attention from several labels with their demo recording "Skygger av sorg" – which directly resulted in two albums ("Through Times of War" & "Agnen") released under the wings of the Italian label Avantgarde Music. Due to personal issues the original line-up of the band split up in 2000, but guitarist, composer and mainman Obsidian C. had set his goals for the band and was determined to continue composing material for a future release. Obsidian C's guitar services was hired by Satyricon in 2003 and countless gigs and tours was the main focus for over a year. All the touring made also room and time for composing and when Satyricon's drummer Frost heard the new material Obsidian C was working on, he immediately recruit when he was asked to do the drums on the EP already in the pipeline. The vocals was done by none other than the legendary Attila Csihar (Mayhem). When the EP entitled Reclaim was released in 2004, it was a small appetizer of things to come from Keep Of Kalessin. With it's ultra-fast riffing, brutal, but still very melodic and epic song structures, Reclaim detonated in the metal press and media like a bomb. This also marked a whole new era for the band and was the first introduction to the group's new sound and trademark; Epic Extreme Metal.

With touring as one of the band's main priorities, Obsidian C. recruited full time members Vyl (drums), Wizziac (bass) and Thebon (vocals). Their next album, Armada, was an immense epic masterpiece with its very own unique atmosphere. Press-wise, Armada received standing ovations from a unison press chore. Keep of Kalessin immediately set their ship towards the European shores and did four European tours with Exodus, Hypocrisy, Carpathian Forest, Satyricon and Enslaved in the aftermath of the album release.

The new album is entitled "Kolossus" and is anticipated to have a huge impact on the whole metal scene. Recorded in the band's own studio in Trondheim, Kolossus is a natural descendant of Armada, and perfectly reflects the unique musical craftsmanship and the undisputable power of the band. All songs featured on the album are recorded without any clipping or copy/paste technique and all instruments are done in real time. Expect nothing less than an organic masterpiece The base of the music has still clear references to Black Metal, but the band also includes other influences like Death Metal, Thrash Metal and non-metal components, making their style fresh and truly unique. KEEP OF KALESSIN will soon be one of the main driving forces in extreme Metal and is definitely one of THE bands to watch in 2008.

Keep Of Kalessin will be part of "The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 – Legions Of The Chosen Few" through North America along with DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH – starting in April. An extensive European Tour is already in the planning.

KEEP OF KALESSIN will prevail!