Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2003 / 2016




Killer released their successful debut ‘Ready for Hell’ just a few months after their formation in 1980. Spearheaded by singer/guitarist Paul ‘Shorty’ Van Camp, Killer was the first Belgian band to take inspiration from the success of NWOBHM pioneers such as Saxon and Iron Maiden. As a power trio they were often compared to Motörhead but over the years they developed and perfected their own sound, culminating in ‘Wall of Sound’ (1982) and ‘Shockwaves’ (1984), strong albums that made an international impact. Killer briefly pulled the plug in the mid-80s, only to reform in 1989 and subsequently disband again a few years later due to the advent of grunge. They reconvened again in 2002 and ‘Broken Silence’ (2003) earned them a slot at our festival that year. Killer has continued to exhibit remarkable staying power and both ‘Immortal’ (2005) and last year’s ‘Monsters of Rock’ earned critical acclaim. (Text: Wim Vander Haegen / Translation: Nick Devos)