Killing Joke

Killing Joke




United Kingdom


Every year GMM tries to bill a few surprise bands no one would expect at the festival. Killing Joke are not a metal band but they were a major influence on industrial rock and their early work was regarded as very akin to metal. Frontman/keyboardist Jaz Coleman and drummer Paul Ferguson met in 1979 and decided to form a band. Their self-titled debut dropped in 1980 but it took them until 1983 and the more accessible and commercially viable ‘Fire Dances’ to become commercially successful. They soon became notorious because of their imagery, which often sparked controversy. Follow-up ‘Night Time’ consolidated their new-found status and included the smash hit ‘Love Like Blood’. From the mid-90s till the early noughties Killing Joke went on an extended hiatus but in 2008 the original line-up reformed and has continued to record and tour since. Bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Ministry and Soundgarden either cite them as an influence or have covered their work. The odd one out? Perhaps. Top quality? Definitely! (#GMM22)