Living Colour

Living Colour
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




United States


The American rock band Living Colour was founded in 1984 by guitarist/songwriter Vernon Reid. Two years later a stable line-up had formed including singer Corey Glover and drummer Will Calhoun, who are still in the band today. Living Colour burst upon the scene with their celebrated full-length debut ‘Vivid’ (1988) featuring an unprecedented combination of heavy metal, jazz, funk, punk, alternative rock and hip hop. The lyrics were outspoken with topics ranging from politics to racial issues and hit single ‘Cult of Personality’ was to become their signature song. Follow-up ‘Time’s Up’ (1990) consolidated their success but even though they retained their fan base with ‘Stain’ (1993) they still disbanded in 1995. They reformed in 2000 and since then recordings have been few and far between. Fortunately for us the live stage is the double Grammy winners’ natural habitat (#GMM19)