Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
1998 / 2000 / 2005 / 2008 / 2018




United States


Madball are a New York hardcore band that emerged in the late 80s as an offshoot of Agnostic Front. The band around Agnostic Front’s younger half-brother Freddy Cricien aka Freddy Madball unleashed their first studio album in 1994. Groovy/thrashy riffs, fast hardcore drumming and lyrics that illustrate the hardships of life on the streets of NYC are the main ingredients of ‘Set It Off’. There’s a bit of a hip hop feel to their debut but on ‘Hold It Down’ (2000) they experiment with a more traditional hardcore punk sound, resulting in faster-paced tracks. 2010’s ‘Empire’ is one of the highlights in their discography. Brimming with raw energy, the album clocks in at just over half an hour for 16 tracks. Lyrically they still write about themes like family values and urban violence, topics that are more relevant than ever before. They’ve been called the AC/DC of hardcore because their recipe rarely changes but who cares if the cook is a master chef? Madball is going to show you what NYHC is all about. Demonstrating my style! (#GMM18)