Manic Movement

Manic Movement
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2002 / 2009




The new album of Manic Movement ‘Dark Glitter’ is a mix of powerful rock-driven songs, steaming guitar work, bombastic arrangements, poppy vocal lines and original melodies that stay in your head.
It is a contrast between heavenly female vocals and dark energetic music. It is modern power rock with a gothic twist.
The new album also features the singles “Sleeping Beauty” and “Russians”.
Founding member and composer Olivier Wittenberg (drums) started Manic Movement in 1993 and worked with various musicians on the different albums. Filip De Graeve (keyboards) has become a permanent member since 1998 and assists Olivier with the arrangements and orchestration. Other current members are Virginia Fantoni (vocals), Frédéric Ost (lead guitar) and Jérémie Vasile (rhythm guitar).
Since 2006 the band switched to female vocals, creating more accessible songs and expanding its musical spectrum.