Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2018





Formed in Hamburg in 2012, Mantar is a doom punk duo consisting of drummer Erinc and guitarist Hanno. The fact that it’s just the two of them may be a bit surprising but mainstream acts such as The White Stripes, Royal Blood and Belgian rockers Black Box Revelation have proven that duos can produce a sound that is every bit as meaty as a traditional line-up. Mantar proves that the same principle also applies to heavier music genres. Their second outing ‘Ode to the Flame (2016) is undeniably a step up from their 2014 debut ‘Death by Burning’. The wrist-fracturing antics of the animal behind the kit form the backbone of Mantar’s music while guitarist Hanno runs the gamut of styles from punk, sludge, black metal, stoner and thrash to doom metal and more. Think: Darkthrone with a punk attitude. (#GMM18)