GMM 2023 - MOLYBARON.jpg


Thursday 15 June 12.00 - 12.40

Genre Alternative
Country France

Although this French/Irish band are only making their first appearance here, they have already built a commendable track record. Irish-born vocalist/guitarist Gary Kelly moved to Paris and recruited several local musicians for his band Molybaron. Musically it’s tempting to label them an alt/progressive/groove rock or metal band but in truth they are impossible to pigeonhole. Gary Kelly writes most of the music and creates in his own comfortable little bubble, rarely playing or listening to other people’s music. They describe their music as ferociously original and defiantly uplifting. Their sound encompasses everything from tech grooves and anthemic metal to multi-layered atmospherics and their eccentric flair sets them apart. Meanwhile they have two albums under their belt with the self-titled and self-released ‘Molybaron’ (2017) and 2021’s ‘The Mutiny’. This is the second major festival they’ve played in Belgium and they are one of the most exciting newcomers this year. #GMM23