Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2007 / 2011 / 2016




Finland plays a leading role on the pagan metal scene and one of the top bands is Moonsorrow. Their pagan black metal is infused with folk metal elements, giving their music a cross-genre appeal. Over the years they’ve also taken to using choirs in their recordings. Founded in 1995, their full-length debut ‘Suden Uni’ wasn’t released until 6 years later but their big break came with ‘Verisäkeet’ (2005), which put them on the map worldwide. Their compositions vary greatly in length with many tracks lasting in excess of ten minutes. Compared to the uplifting vibe of folk metal, Moonsorrow’s lyrics are much darker. Inspired on Finnish mythology, they are always written in their mother tongue. Moonsorrow creates a musical experience that evokes the gamut of emotions, ranging from emotional and atmospheric to epic and heroic. Their new album ‘Jumalten Aika’ is slated for a 1st April release. (Text: Geert Struyven / Translation: Nick Devos)