Norma Jean

Norma Jean
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


United States


Norma Jean are often cited as a seminal act by metalcore/noisecore acts in general and Christian metalcore bands in particular. Their sophomore effort, 2005’s ‘O God, the Aftermath’ firmly established Norma Jean as one of the bands that helped redefine the noisecore genre, amongst others because of their aversion to the traditional format of chorus-verse-chorus. While previous releases hinted at untapped potential with, for instance, the odd melodic bridge or clean-sung lyrics, ‘Meridional’ (2010) and especially ‘Wrongdoers’ (2013) built on this and took them in a new direction with slower tempos, clean vocals, less chaos and more melody. Mind you, more accessible doesn’t necessarily mean softer! Norma Jean still brings an unrelenting wall of noise to the live stage! (Text: Robby Embrechts / Translation: Nick Devos)