GMM 2023 - OCEANS.jpg


Saturday 17 June 12.00 - 12.40

Genre Metalcore
Country Germany

Every year we are more than happy to add a smattering of hardcore acts to the GMM bill. Some of those bands are household names but there is also a bumper crop of up-and-coming bands that will undoubtedly make their appearance at GMM in the years to come. One of those young European bands is Oceans, an act with roots in both the Austrian capital Vienna and the German capital Berlin. Whereas hardcore acts in the 90s sang about the tough life in the ghettos, younger hardcore acts bands take more inspiration from everyday topics such as depression, mental health issues and the everyday struggle to navigate our modern world as an adolescent or young adult. Those are all topics that hit a nerve and meanwhile Oceans have two albums and a series of singles to their credit. Their most recent contribution is the EP ‘Hell Is Where The Heart Is’, a release that is sure to open doors. #GMM23