GMM 2023 - PAPA ROACH.jpg

Papa Roach

Thursday 15 June 17.10 - 18.10

Genre Alternative
Country United States
Played at GMM 2005 2007 2009 2013 2015

When Papa Roach scored a huge hit with ‘Last Resort’ way back in 2000, many thought they would turn out to be a one-hit wonder but almost a quarter century later they are still in the game and thriving, thank you very much! The band around singer and figurehead Jacoby Shaddix formed early 1993 and put out several independent releases before making their major label debut in 1998. Musically they started out as a nu-metal band but the second record marked the beginning of a transition from nu-metal to more rock-oriented waters. Thanks to the changes in musical direction over the years, their catalogue includes a variety of styles such as metal, punk, hardcore and rap. They are a much more diverse band than when they started out and that really paid off on their latest full-length ‘Ego Trip’ - not bad for a band that rose to prominence alongside Slipknot and Linkin Park. The bouncing back and forth between genres is what makes ‘Ego Trip’ so exciting and unpredictable, proving they still have their finger on the pulse of the ever-fluid landscape of rock. Eight years after their last GMM appearance this is a reunion many fans will look forward to. #GMM23