Rival Sons

Rival Sons
13:55 - 14:40 South Stage
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2012 / 2016 / 2022


Hard Rock


United States


This Californian band formed in 2008 and following their digitally released debut ‘Before the Fire’ they opened for the likes of Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and AC/DC. In 2011, they signed with Earache/EMI and released a kick-ass second studio album, ‘Pressure and Time’. Rival Sons likes to hit the studio with just a few ideas, preferring to let the songs develop organically through jam sessions. Recorded in just 20 days, ‘Pressure and Time’ contains a collection of raw, 70s-style blues rock songs featuring the authentic and heartfelt vocals of Jay Buchanan. Rival Sons write well-crafted songs reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s bluesy hard rock and bands like The Animals and Free. Drawing their inspiration straight from the source, they are not just another nostalgic neo-retro outfit and do not copy or reproduce. 2014’s ‘Great Western Valkyrie’ is a collection of bluesy, classic yet timeless heavy rock tunes for the 21st century. Six years and two Grammy nominations for 2019’s ‘Feral Roots’ later, Rival Sons are coasting along nicely. ‘Feral Roots’ was their first album for a major label, a litmus test they passed with flying colours. We’re looking forward to a killer set: with nine Belgian gigs in just 5 years’ time it’s fair to say they have a special relationship with our country. (#GMM22)