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Thrash Metal


United States


Since their inception in 1981, Slayer have been one of the most influential metal bands and now, 38 years later, the Californian thrash legends are writing the final chapter of an illustrious career. With a catalogue including the likes of ‘Reign in Blood’ (1986), ‘South of Heaven’ (1988), ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ (1990) and ‘World Painted Blood’ (2009) to name but a few, Slayer have an amazing repertoire to choose from and with a record tenth appearance in Dessel they’re bowing out in style. Part of the Big 4 of Thrash, Slayer were instrumental to the success of the thrash genre. Controversy surrounded the band from the start with false accusations of Nazi sympathies and Satanism. Remarkably, the resulting lack of airplay only heightened their appeal to metal lovers worldwide and their total lack of compromise in the face of trends and hypes inspired an unseen level of fan devotion, even for a metal band. Slayer fans don’t just say the band’s name, they have to scream it! Let’s give SLAAAYEEERRR the send-off they deserve!! (#GMM19)