State Champs

State Champs
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




These young upstarts from the Big Apple are very hot in the US right now, as their 200,000 followers on social media will gladly confirm. The key to their success? Very catchy pop punk reminiscent of such bands as All Time Low and Paramore. It all started with the release of their 2013 debut ‘Finer Things’, which met with a warm reception worldwide. The songwriting is surprisingly mature for a debut and the album was hailed as (one of the) best pop punk releases of 2013. The following year they proved their versatility with ‘The Acoustic Things’, featuring acoustic versions of some of the songs on their debut as well as two new ones. In 2015 ‘Around the World and Back’ solidified their status as a hot prospect and just last year ‘Living Proof’ brought a slightly poppier approach that should help them break into the mainstream. (#GMM19)