Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2016 / 2018




United Kingdom


TesseracT are an English progressive metal band credited with being one of the driving forces behind the djent movement. Some critics consider bands like TesseracT to be the future of metal; if that’s the case we could certainly do worse. Prog metal is extremely demanding in terms of creativity and musicianship, two characteristics these guys have in spades. A long time in the making, their debut ‘One’ (2011) was a bombshell of an album. Follow-up ‘Altered State’ (2013) is just as hard-hitting despite the absence of harsh or screamed vocals, which are used sparingly on ‘Polaris’ (2015), a multi-layered, groove-focused CD steeped in the odd time signatures and intricate rhythms so typical of TesseracT. The return of vocalist Dan Tompkins, who was absent on ‘Altered State’, brings it all full circle. In 2016 TesseracT released an intriguing extended play called ‘Errai’ with a backbone of piano/synth soundscapes.(#GMM18)