GMM 2023 - THE ANSWER.jpg

The Answer

Friday 16 June 17.40 - 18.30

Genre Hard Rock
Country Ireland

In 2005 UK-based The Answer released their first single ‘Keep Believin'’ and in that same year they won Classic Rock Magazine’s award for ‘Best New Band’. No wonder that their studio debut ‘Rise’ made them a popular favourite overnight among heavy rock fans. Three years later, their sophomore effort 'Everyday Demons' landed them a slot as openers for The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, and they scoured the globe with AC/DC for two years. Things quietened down a bit after that but they continued to put out quality records. Nothing innovative – that was never their goal – but solid rock with excellent vocals, custom-tailored to the heavy rock market. In 2023 they are set to drop their first new album in seven years, which will feature prominently in their set list at GMM. The record is called ‘Sundowners’ and will drop on 17 March. #GMM23