The Great Old Ones

The Great Old Ones
14:40 - 15:30 Marquee
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Black Metal




The gothic horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft have always held a dark appeal for many but none have ever taken it to such extremes as the French post-black metal outfit The Great Old Ones. The band name is the term H.P. Lovecraft uses in his works to refer to a loose collection of atrocious deities that first surfaced in ‘The Call of Cthulhu’. All of their music and even the stage decorations are directly inspired by Lovrecraft’s work. Their fourth outing ‘Cosmicism’ is their most impressive work so far. Cosmicism is a literary philosophy developed by Lovecraft's that expresses man’s insignificance in light of the greater cosmos and claims the existence of an alternate reality that is incomprehensible to the human mind. Musically, the listener is catapulted back and forth between lightning-fast lunges and doom-laden passages that foster a hypnotic, creepy atmosphere. Lyrically, each track focuses on one of the deities from Lovecraft’s fantasy universe, describing each main character’s dark fate as it finally succumbs to utter madness. Lovecraftian horror of the purest ilk! (#GMM2)