The Halo Effect

Sunday 18 June 19.45 - 20.35

Genre Death Metal
Country Sweden

New bands with familiar faces: now there’s a recipe that is often a guarantee of success. The Halo Effect is an excellent case in point. Formed by members who paid their dues in In Flames. In short, these guys have been around the musical block a few times. Their debut ‘Days of the Lost’ was very convincing and helped them make a name for themselves in no time. They opened for Machine Head and Amon Amarth on their successful rampage through Europe, giving them access to a large audience. They are one of the new acts that will make an impact during the upcoming festival season and fans of morose goth and melodeath riffs in true Gothenburg style will find a lot to like here. Some say this is what In Flames would have sounded like if they had stayed their melodic death course. #GMM23