Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


United States


Dave Peters - Vocals
Mark Choiniere - Guitar
Matt Mentley - Bass
Ben Dussault - Drums
  Throwdown effortlessly kick out the heaviest and most stomping metal this side of Texas. Proudly and defiantly keeping the memory (and sound) of Pantera alive and kicking!"
-- Metal Hammer

Throwdown, tightly coiled, is squeezing the world for the kill and poised to sink their collective fangs into the backbone of American metal. Rising from the underground world of the do-it-yourself hardcore scene with a recipe made up of Pantera, Machine Head, Sepultura and early Metallica, their mission is boldly proclaimed on on their new album,
Venom & Tears.

Their targets? The vacuous mainstream, the fashionable phonies in the "scene," and the wannabe tough guys who hop just as eagerly from trend to trend while swearing their supposed loyalty to "keeping it real." With their values intact and their pride holstered at their sides, Throwdown have issued ultimatum after ultimatum with empowering, venom-fueled songs. Liars and fakes, move aside, or be crushed.

Throwdown destroyed the second stage on Ozzfest. Owned the inaugural Sounds Of The Underground. And all summer long, they will headline the Ernie Ball stage on Warped Tour.

Hardened by tough breaks, a few lineup changes, and plenty of hours on the road away from friends and family touring with their friends in bands as diverse as Soulfly, Lamb Of God and As I Lay Dying, Throwdown entered the studio earlier this year with Mudrock and crafted their defining work.

The heavy metallic fury and venomous bite of Venom & Tears is timeless, recalling the heyday of mid-90s metal with the spirit of traditional street punk and hardcore. One of Alternative Press's "Most Anticipated Albums," it is alternately forward-thinking and modern, delivering on the promise of the metallic 2005 album Vendetta and Throwdown's 2004's breakout album "Haymaker," which gave Revolver magazine cause to herald Throwdown as part of "The Future Of Metal" in a 2005 cover story. "Burn" lit MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" ablaze, earning a coveted spot on the compilation of the same name.