Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2018

Hard Rock




Thundermother is an all-female band that was founded in 2009 by Swedish guitarist Filippa Nässil. Their debut ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Disaster’ dropped in 2014 but it was the quintet’s sophomore album ‘Road Fever’ (2015) that really got the ball rolling with a collection of straight-up hard rock songs in the best AC/DC tradition. They performed at Sweden Rock Festival and toured with DAD but then in 2017 all of Nässil’s bandmates walked out, leaving her to find an entirely new line-up just two months before the start of their support tour for The Dead Daisies. She succeeded against all odds and the new line-up effortlessly picked up the rock ‘n’ roll vibe on their new, self-titled full length. (#GMM18)