Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2017

Death Metal




Swedish death metallers Tribulation debuted in 2009 with ’The Horror’, a universally praised album that managed to combine the most attractive aspects of death and thrash metal while avoiding the numerous pitfalls that lead to mediocrity. Fans of Possessed, Entombed, Kreator and Death will think they’ve died and gone to heaven with this one. At more than double the length of their debut, 2013’s ‘The Formulas of Death’ takes a different approach. While the death metal backbone is still present, it’s catchy riffs and intriguing atmosphere that carry the day here. ‘The Formulas of Death’ is a cauldron of influences you can’t quite put your finger on. ‘The Children of the Night’ (2015) takes another leap in musical approach and will probably appeal to Opeth fans. The omnipresent organs and synths lend the disc a vintage, psychedelic feel. Another interesting GMM debut! (#GMM17)