Friday 16 June 13.00 - 13.40

Country Netherlands

Fans of epic folk metal no longer have to travel to the High North to catch bands like Ensiferum or Wintersun. Right here in the Low Countries we have a band that fits the mould perfectly: Vanaheim from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Last year they dropped their full-length debut with ‘Een Verloren Verhaal’, a record sung entirely in Dutch but no worries, the tracks are slightly heavier than the work of your average crooner. Vanaheim tell epic heathen tales and don’t let the folk guise fool you: the protracted songs have plenty of punchy guitar licks, atmospheric synths and singalong choruses that will quicken many a pulse. There’s even an accordion in the mix somewhere and it fits in nicely. So limber up and get ready to party folk style with Vanaheim! #GMM23