14-person festihut

You’re coming to Dessel with a large group of friends and you’d like to hole up together? Then book a 14-person festihut.

  • A 14-person festihut is a wooden cottage of 22 m2 with a lockable door, a covered terrace with benches and a table, large side hatches and 7 bunk beds with a mattress. Remember to bring your own bed linen and sleeping bag. Every festihut has mains power.
  • 14-person festihuts can only be rented for 4 nights and the number of occupants is limited to 14. You don’t have to use the full capacity of the festihut but unfortunately the price stays the same.
  • You can pick up and hand in the key to your festihut at the festihut reception desk.
  • There’s free parking for 3 vehicles per 14-person festihut in the Metal Town car park. Request your parking vouchers as you’re booking your Metal Town accommodation. The vouchers are forwarded in the run-up to the festival (and not automatically following your booking).

> One 14-person festihut: SOLD OUT

Click here for the waiting list.