2/4-person festihut

A festihut is a wooden cottage (3 m x 2.5 m) with a lockable door and (a) bunk bed(s) with a mattress. Remember to bring your own bed linen and sleeping bag.  

Every festihut has mains power. A great extra this year: electricity is supplied via a functional power unit. This power unit is a multifunctional electric point: 2 * 240V sockets, 2 * 5V USB chargers, small (night) light, mirror and phone holder

  • Festihuts can only be rented for 4 nights.
  • There’s a choice of 2- or 4-person festihuts.
  • You can pick up and hand in the key to your festihut at the festihut reception desk.
  • There’s free parking for one vehicle per festihut in the Metal Town car park. Request your parking voucher as you’re booking your Metal Town accommodation. The vouchers are forwarded in the run-up to the festival (and not automatically following your booking).

> One 2-person festihut: SOLD OUT
> One 4-person festihut: SOLD OUT

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