Festival park



  • COMBI PLUS ticket holders can collect their wristbands as of Wednesday at 3 pm..
  • Starting from Thursday at 8 am festival-goers with a combi or Thursday ticket can exchange their tickets for a festival wristband.
  • Day tickets (Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday) can be exchanged for a festival wristband on the day starting at 8 am
  • Click here for the opening hours of Camping Boneyard, Camping Inferno, Camping Metal Town, Metal Park and Devil’s Lake. As of this year festival tickets can be exchanged for festival wristbands at every campsite.
  • The Metal Plaza – the zone between camping Boneyard and the festival arena – opens at 10 am on Thursday through Sunday. Every festival day concludes in the Metal Dome at 5 am. The festival arena and the Metal Plaza will remain closed on Wednesday.
  • Starting Thursday the VIP Deck is accessible every day from 11 am.


GMM tokens enable you to purchase both food and drink at the festival. Buy your GMM tokens in advance. A GMM token then costs 3 euro. Presale tokens are available online and come in sets of

  • 20 GMM tokens: €60
  • 40 GMM tokens + 2022 gadget: € 120

You can exchange the voucher(s) for GMM tokens during the festival.

During the festival you will pay 3,33 euro per token.

You’ll find the cash machines next to the token booth in Metal Plaza. All debit and credit cards are accepted. Foreign currencies are neither accepted nor exchanged.


Hungry? This is Belgium so naturally there are French fries with mayonnaise, as well as hamburgers and hotdogs. Also on the festival menu: pancakes and pulled pork, wraps & baps, juice, snacks and much more. Breakfast is served at the terrace at Camping Boneyard from 8 am and our fabulous food trucks offer a delicious menu for you to choose from. We’ve made an effort to provide a varied menu and cater to those who prefer gluten & lactose-free, veggie or vegan options. 

Thirsty festival-goers have a choice of cold beers, soft drinks, water and energy drinks. We’re also serving half-litre beers smack in the middle of the festival arena. The Belgian Beer Bar and The Beers & Stories (at the foodtruck zone) have some of our famous speciality beers on tap. Not a beer drinker? Then quench your thirst at our cocktrail bars or at one of our wine, cava and coffee bars.

Not to forget:

  • all sanitary blocks have free drinkable water.
  • you can’t bring your own food & drink into the festival arena. Be sure to bring a valid prescription if you’re on a special diet (gluten or lactose-free) or if you need medication. This way our security staff will know why you brought medication and/or syringes and any awkward discussions can be avoided.
  • No alcohol is served to under 16s as this is prohibited by law. Buying alcoholic beverages for under 16s is a criminal offence, even if you’re over 16. The minimum age for spirits is 18.


There’s free WiFi at the main festival entrance. Rent a charging stick from the Recharge Stand. All mobile operators will boost their capacity during the festival.


In the festival arena there are ample toilet facilities and urinals spread across the various sanitary blocks. Use of the toilets is free. Let us just remind you that urinating in public is frowned upon! There’s no need to urinate against trees, fences, tents, stalls...


Don’t give pickpockets the chance to ruin your festival weekend and store your valuables in the lockers at the Main Entrance. You can rent a locker for a single day or for the duration of the festival. Day lockers are emptied at the end of each festival day. Lockers are always accessible during festival hours but not at night.


  • Small: 21,5 cm x 22,9 cm x 45 cm
  • Small with charger: 20 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm
  • Big: 40 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm


  • Small: 8 euro/day
  • Small: 30 euro/weekend
  • Big: 10 euro/day
  • Big: 35 euro/weekend

Opening hours:

  • Wed: 15h – 04h
  • Thue/ Fri/Sat/Sun: 08h – 04h
  • Mon: 08h – 12h


Questions about train schedules, signing sessions, the weather, programme changes, ...? The friendly staff at the info stand located at the Main Entrance will be glad to assist you in any way they can. The info stand is also the place to collect lost belongings or hand in found items. After the festival please call Dessel police station at pz.balendesselmol.wijkdessel@police.belgium.eu and +32 14 33 37 80 for all lost/found items.

Report damage, theft or missing persons? Lose your identity card?
Go to the police post situated between the main festival entrance and camping Boneyard.


Hearing damage from overexposure to loud music is no laughing matter. In other words: enjoy the music but protect your ears. That is why free earplugs are available at the kiosks in the festival arena and at the info stand. Or you can go to the EARPLUG stand at the Main Entrance: here you can collect free earplugs or purchase Fit For All earplugs.


The safety of all our GMM visitors is paramount. That is why there is a ban on crowdsurfing and why it is prohibited to climb trees and scaffolds, light fires and smoke in the tents and marquees. 

Metal detectors
All ticket holders must pass through a metal detector to gain access to the festival arena. Please note you may be frisked at the entrance and our security staff may want to search your bags or backpack. Click here for an exhaustive list of items that are not allowed in the festival arena. Tip: bring only the essentials and store all other belongings in a locker at the main festival entrance.

In the event of an emergency situation

Remain calm. Get yourself to safety and leave your belongings behind. If possible keep an eye on your friends as well. Follow the instructions of the security staff. Keep an eye on the LED message boards. Text, don’t call.


If you require medical assistance please approach one of the Red Cross staff patrolling the main festival arena. If you can make it that far, you can also report to one of two Red Cross stations: in camping Boneyard, or in the main festival arena.