Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2005 / 2014 / 2017

Hard Rock




In 2004, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips teamed up with singer Myles Kennedy to try and recapture their erstwhile Creed success under a different name. Following the release of the second Alter Bridge album, the band members returned to their alternative musical endeavours. Fuelled by the hit single ‘Isolation’ (2010), Alter Bridge’s third album ‘AB III’ opened the door to more commercial success. Everyone continued their involvement in their respective side projects until the recording and release of ‘Fortress’ (2013), an album that cemented Alter Bridge’s reputation for providing a unique mix of (hard) rock, alternative metal and post-grunge. Carrying that momentum forward, ‘The Last Hero’ (2016) features on many a shortlist for album of the year. It is a bombastic heavy rock album that has been universally praised for its lyrical themes as well as Tremonti’s and Kennedy’s performance, so be sure to check out the new material live this summer. (#GMM17)