Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2013 / 2016 / 2018


Power Metal




Swedish dance metal masters Amaranthe offer a surprising blend of power metal and melodic death metal. Catchy songs, first-rate production and the unusual vocal mix made ‘Amaranthe’ (2011) a very interesting self-titled debut. Follow-up ‘The Nexus’ (2013) has a very futuristic feel to it and continues along the vein of their debut, cementing their reputation as one of the hottest young melodic metal bands around. Just one year later they released ‘Massive Addictive’ and apart from recruiting new growler Henrik Englund, they chose to amplify what works in terms of appeal: chugging rhythms, ripping solos, lightning-fast drums, synthesizers and female vocalist Elize Ryd (also Kamelot) take centre stage. On ‘Maximalism’ (2016) they dial back the heaviness even further and explore the radio-oriented side of their sound. The addition of Nils Molin on clean vocals has given Amaranthe an amazing vocal range as illustrated on ‘Helix’ (2018), another classic dance metal album with a harder kick and heavier bite than its predecessors. (#GMM21)