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Thrash Metal




Bands come and go while others simply stay among the living. Looking it up put us in a mild state of euphoria but apparently New York thrashersAnthrax have been raging since 1981. Much more than just a fistful of metal, Anthrax’ popularity soared together with that of their colleagues of the so-called Big Four of thrash before a series of line-up changes and legal problems temporarily killed their mojo. However, the new millennium brought a new start with the 2003 release of the critically acclaimed ‘We’ve Come for You All’. Early 2010 saw the return of former singer Joey Belladonna and later that year Anthrax was part of the long-awaited Big Four Tour. Another tumultuous period followed but Scott Ian & Co rallied with the 2011 release of their best album in years, one with a title that leaves nothing to the imagination: ‘Worship Music’. ‘For All Kings’ (2016), the first album to feature new lead guitarist Jon Donais, simply picks up where ‘Worship Music’ left off, with plenty of hooks, an unrelenting drive and Joey Belladonna’s undiminished vocal range and power. Mosh it up! (#GMM19)