samedi 17 juin 14.45 - 15.30

Genre Progressive
Country Royaume-Uni

Blending dark 80s synthwave vibes with outbursts of pure monolithic heaviness, Antimatter (the project of Liverpool singer-songwriter Mick Moss) has effortlessly walked between genres for over two decades. Originally a duo, the project released its debut 'Saviour' back in 2002 before co-founder member Duncan Patterson departed after the third album 'Planetary Confinement' (2005) leaving Moss at the helm. Undeterred, Moss went on to release the breakthrough 'Leaving Eden' (2007) and then gravitated more and more towards heavy guitars with each subsequent release. Promo video for 'The Third Arm', a stark portrayal of compulsive substance abuse, was nominated for Video of The Year by Prog magazine in 2019, whilst the latest release 'A Profusion of Thought' (2022) has given us yet another collection of memorable songs. Head honcho Mick Moss sometimes likes to go it alone with a minimalist acoustic set but for festival appearances he always brings a fully fledged band. While his dark melancholic rock won’t lift your spirits, Mick’s warm voice soothes the soul during the quieter moments yet makes the hair stand up on end when the music soars. Especially recommended for late 90s Anathema fans. #GMM23