Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Death Metal




With the dominance of the Swedish and American death metal scenes it’s easy to forget that for three decades the Low Countries have been home to one of the world’s most influential bands in the genre. Founded in 1987, Asphyx forged a deadly alloy of death and doom metal that crushed everything in its path. In terms of lyrics they like to dwell on mankind’s more gentle characteristics such as torture and the art of war... topics that suit the musical violence.
Asphyx burst upon the scene in 1987, disbanding just three years later without an official full-length release to their name. Reforming the following year, they called it quits again in 2000. 2009’s ‘Death... The Brutal Way’ fuelled Asphyx’s resurrection and follow-up ‘Deathhammer’ (2012) hearkens back to the band’s glorious beginnings with a seamless combo of blistering speed and larger-than-life doom. ‘Incoming Death’ (2016) is the first without key songwriter Bob Bagchus but that doesn’t slow these Dutch death-doom mongers down. Lace up those boots! (#GMM18)